Why The Divi Awards?

Who doesn’t like to win an award?

Awards highlight your value. Demonstrate that you’ve mastered areas of your craft. That you’re worth the rates you’re charging.

Wouldn’t you like to show your clients that you’re an award-winning brand?

I know I wished I could! When I was starting out, there was nothing in the Divi community like it.

Today, after building 100+ websites, I want to do something for the amazing Divi Community.

But with a difference:

There are a ton of awards websites that reward zany creativity, design that pushes the boundaries. 

We need that, for sure. But that’s rarely functional in the wild. Most clients want something beautiful, that works for them. I don’t want these awards to be about portfolio showpieces. 

I want to help us all see, learn from, and emulate amazing design to help the whole community design better. Faster. And be more premier.

So The Divi Awards was born.

Every month, my fellow judges and I will look through all your entries, narrow them down to the top 20, and present them to you for voting.

The judges will evaluate the top-voted options. Using our three criteria of beauty, UI, and speed, we nominate the top 3 candidates.

I will pick the best option.

You earn the right to get the Award of the month, and highlight it on your website.

And the story of your competition won’t go away. It will be immortalized here on the competition page.

So are you interested?

Are you in?

Who knows? Your hard work could start paying off. And you can earn the right to show off.

Here’s to you,