Congrats to EIKE MÜLLER

winner of the August Divi Awards!

“It‘s a big honour. Divi has such a great community and I‘m very happy to be a part of it. And a special shoutout to you Dominic for the organization of the award and your passion to push it.” – Eike

Dominic de Souza

Th Divi Awards

Kudos to the Winner!

I’m excited to present to you the winning design for the August 2019 Divi Awards, by Eike from 717media. I kid you not, this was a very, very tough choice. 

The judges nominated 7 incredible choices, and there were two overlaps, with SelfObsessed and Rachel Cannon. Both are amazing, and deserved to win. But I cast my vote for to Medpark.

MedPark is on brand, clear layout, beautiful design, and balanced typography. A good design inspiration for  this community. 

Special recognition

SelfObsessed deserves special recognition, for winning two of the judges awards, and 4th place in the public vote. Check them out!

Popular Vote

Kudos to  Ayushee Aithal for the popular vote! Her website was hands down one of my favorites for beautiful typography and clean layout. 

Eike Müller

Popular vote

The Top 9 Candidates

The judges have nominated their favorites! Without sharing notes, they were asked to identify no more than three (or their #1), and highlight the sense of design. 

Josh Hall

Anita Hesen

16. Self-Obsessed
Initially, this site stands out from so many others with vibrant colors and clever animations right out of the gate and above the fold. It’s then followed up by more personality, charisma and even some charming humor. This unique, intentional design mixing both custom, outlandish images and well designed content delivers their message, style and services very effectively. Through a colorful and engaging layout and design, this site is one that absolutely stands out from the crowd.

Kevin Mullins

10. Atomivox
Right from the get-go, your eye is drawn to the sleek, modern design with the changing color in the background, the intentional tagline and call to action and the custom background graphics. Then with the slightest scroll, you’re immediately drawn in with the animated car in the hero section which moves with the users pace as you scroll down. A great touch with obvious, thoughtful design. With bold design, colors and a front page that doesn’t become any larger than it needs to be, this site is beautifully crafted, condensed and to-the-point. Not easy to do but very well executed. And hats off to creating a truly unique and robust Divi menu.

Carmen Vermillion

2. Rachel Cannon
Simplistic and minimalistic, this is a great example of how a personal brand/blog site can be crafted to engage potential followers and get the necessary information to them without loads of paragraphs, content and too many images. The hero section logo, menu and background image are immediately engaging and you’re pulled in even further upon scrolling down with the logo changes completely. The mix of good typography (matched perfectly for a modern, feminine style) along with strong call to actions and slick but subtle overlapping elements makes this a design that is a great example of how simplicity, minimalism and intentional branding with content and images can come together to make a beautiful, engaging user experience from top to bottom.

Kyra Pieterse

Divi Den

Anita Hesen

16. Self-Obsessed
I am voting for Anita Hesen, her site (for me anyway) is the strongest when it comes to design. I love her bold choice of colours and I find her images fun. I enjoyed scrolling down keen to see what cool image was next waiting for me to discover:) The chicken LOL! This does not look like your standard Divi website. She clearly has design skills in Photoshop and thought went into the copy. I love it. Well done on a fun surprise.

Sarah Crawford

Alined Designs

Jonathan Morey

8. Maintain Digital
I love the use of colour and the disjointed layers created with gradient fades, image placements, and clever backgrounds. The mix of typography is on point and the injection of colour is fun but doesn’t sacrifice accessibility. Can I come over for an iced coffee? You all look fun!

Carmen Vermillion

2. Rachel Cannon
Watercolours used well, yaaaasss! The art elements are used consistently and well placed. You really get a sense of who Rachel is and what her values are. Hurrah for pink!

Eike Müller

Nice, clean, corporate, and well executed. There’a lovely mix of dark and light ‘white’ space which balances the pages. Nice little hover effects bring the work to life. Perfect for the client and their marketplace.

The Top 20

Explore the top 20 contestants from the August 2019 awards!

Andrea Tosatto

1. CRCS Teatro Regio Torino
Bold, aggressive layout, clear spacing. Images are too compressed.

Carmen Vermillion

2. Rachel Cannon
Coherent, lovely branding, good typography, and great pictures.

Stephanie Hudson

3. Providence Partners Inc
Clean, fast, and has a solid, B2B feel. Consistent use of branding in the layout.

Rikke Ekelund

4. Elsebeth
Dramatic and clean layout for a book website. Confident use of space!

Eike Müller

Fantastic photography and use of branding. Clean layout that lets the content shine.

Grant OBrien

6. Pathfind Websites
Clean UX, bold use of branding, clear layout, great use of Divi!

Valérie Piquee

7. Ostium Cosmetiques
Beautiful, simple interpretation of the brand expressed in layout.

Jonathan Morey

8. Maintain Digital
Exceptional and consistent use of layout and branding, with clear content.

Firmin Collet

9. Le Collet Gourmand
Good sense of reserve in the layout to allow the photos to shine, paired with nice typography. 

Kevin Mullins

10. Atomivox
Phenomenal use of branding, layout, typography, and animation.

Allen Le Yaouanc

11. Sanctuary of the Infant Jesus
Good use of layout and spacing, and in-page menus. Branding is consistent.

Alexandra Devray

12. Design Goodness
Bold, simple, beautiful work. Homepage may lack content, but the work speaks to audience and service well. 

Filippo Lemma

13. NewGen
Creative layout with a great consistency and sense of branding. Good use of elements.

Ayushee Aithal

14. Ayushee Aithal
Stunning for its balance and minimalism, with a clean, consistent branding.

Emily Butler

15. Blue Hill Farm
Simple, pleasant, with consistent use of branding, and plenty of white space.

Anita Hesen

16. Self-Obsessed
Amazingly zany and creative layout, bold, modern, and consistent branding.

Tobias Drevenstedt

17. Atrify
Gorgeous, minimal, and fantastic use of branding to drive clean, clear layout.


18. Viaila BiH
Amazing balance of typography, elements, and white space, with bold branding.

AMF Creative

19. Zahlco
Modern and beautiful, this layout and typography plays well with the media.

Tobias Drevenstedt

Sweet, simple, and professional, with strong typography and balance of visuals.

Meet the August Judges

Pros who build beautiful, fast, and premier websites. A way give back to the community!

Kyra Pieterse

Divi Den

Josh Hall


Sarah Crawford

Alined Designs

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Why are people excited to win a Divi Award?

I use Divi on most of my projects and I just love it.

From a presentation site to an ecommerce, Divi can do anything, there’s no limit to our imagination


Divi Awards is a nice initiative because it’s nice to see how your work compares to the work of people around the world and learn from it.

So, winning an award tells your design skills are competitive around the globe.


We only use Divi for our clients and have been using Divi since 2014.

Divi has allowed me to advance my skills as a web designer and helped grow our business substantially.


I’ve been using DIVI for a couple of years and love exploring new possibilities on this flexible theme.



I’ve started my journey with Divi and it really is awesome. I’ve always used Divi on all of my sites as with Divi I have the freedom to do anything.

Featuring on Divi Award will mean a lot to me and my business. Love the Divi and Divi Community.


Wining the Divi Award is recognition of our design work and expertise in Divi websites.

This will spur us on to create even better Divi websites for our customers!


I have been working with Divi for more than 3 years now, and created about 100 websites with it…

Winning an award would be as much as an accomplishment as a reward for my work!


 Working for a small company, it feels good knowing I can produce quality, professional websites using Divi.

Winning a Divi award is special because there are a lot of factors that are at play. I’d be honored to win an award for something that I love to do every day.


It is a very nice initiative that gives a lot of web designers inspiration. Winning to me is a very nice encouragement.


I’m 100% self-taught with WordPress & with Divi. Teaching myself the platforms within a year to then be able to provide my services as a full time job.

I can create amazing things with Divi, and with no limitiation on who I can provide services too.


I have been having so much fun creating this site without a template and learning all the Divi features. I’ve been trying to keep it minimal yet beautiful.

I would be so excited to win an award just for the acknowledgement of my learning and progress.