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Anyone can patron. Patrons can’t participate in the competition. A total of 8 openings.
First come, first served each month.


5 Accolades: $20

You get:

  • Vote for the finalist
  • A backlink to your website
  • Your photo
  • Your name
  • Your brand name.


2 Laurels: $50

Everything in Accolade, plus:

Promote one of your products!

It must be live for over a year. You can submit a post with 5 reviews, and a video overview of the functionality, your bio, and a link back to your product.

1 Crown: $100

Everything in Laurel & Accolade, plus:

You get a 10 minute video interview about yourself and your business, with Dominic, Divi Awards Founder.

It is blogged here and on social.