Jānis entered the September 2019 Awards, with this ‘Riverfall’ entry.

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I am a freelance web and graphic designer and musician from Riga, Latvia.

I started seriously pursuing it only two years ago, and Divi has played a huge role in that.

I tried many different plugins and themes for WordPress. When I started using Divi, it unleashed the potential I had – to acheive what I had in mind so much easier.

That was the moment I decided to focus on websites more than anything else. I finally had something I was as passionate about as music. Divi has also been a driving force for me to learn more about CSS and other technical aspects of web development.

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on was a website for a personal growth coach who had a clear idea of what he wanted the website to communicate, but had no clear vision for anything else. He recorded a bunch of voice messages that I had to turn into a website.

I think he also had many of the qualities that I love about a client – having a great passion about their project, having a clear vision about what the website should communicate, and at the same time the ability to give me freedom with the website design to make sure the idea is clear for any visitor.

I would say that a good website is much like a good song – it has to be different enough to stand out from the others, to have a clear idea and reason behind every part, and it has to be pleasant to visit it again.

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Photo Courtesy of Artūrs Reinholds