The Divi Awards

taking a break

It’s a passion project for us all, but really needs to be a team effort. COVID-19 threw a wrench in everyone’s plans, and I was not able to revive the Awards like I hoped. 

For now, I must backburner this project – unless another Divi-lover wants to step and and help me manage it. Otherwise, thanks to those who joined, and we all hope to be back soon!

Meet: Jānis Uplejs, Divi Web Designer

Meet: Jānis Uplejs, Divi Web Designer

Jānis entered the September 2019 Awards, with this 'Riverfall' entry. See him on the Divi Awards Page! Let's meet him! 😀 I am a freelance web and graphic designer and musician from Riga, Latvia. I started seriously pursuing it only two years ago, and Divi has played...

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Why are people excited to win a Divi Award?

An award would be nice. Who wouldn’t want recognition for their effort and hard work?


Being recognized is always a wonderful thing, and on top of that it’s a great boost for business.


Winning the award would help provide me exposure and provide validation to continue making Divi websites for customers.


I’ve been using Divi exclusively to build my clients’ websites over the past couple years and think it would super cool to have something to showcase.


Everyone loves awards. Me too.


Winning this award at the onset of the project would give my whole team (and my boss) an added boost of confidence and energy.


Divi has helped me do what I love, build an income, and challenge myself creatively, and analytically. To have my work appreciated on this scale would be a dream come true. How could I not?


Because Divi is the bomb and clients love it – there is nothing I can’t do with it.


Great for my portfolio, and interesting to see what others have designed


Who doesn’t want to win?!


Winning this award would definitely be a huge bonus after completing such a project 🙂


Since I became a web desgner two years ago I started using Divi. It helped me grow my business fast!


I have been using Divi for most of my projects for my company and for my personnal projects. I am very very excited to enter the Divi award ! Winning a Divi award would be an amazing recognition of all the work I have done and all the progress I made in the past few years using Divi and developing websites. I would be an immense pleasure to win but I just really happy to just be part of the competition and be able to show you my work. Thank you for you consideration !!


I first found Divi before the visual builder was offered and have been using my own unique ways to push Divi website to new heights. I want to see how and if my, in my opinion, one of my best/favorite site stack up!


I love the initiative! Im very competitive so this is just the type of event I love to participate in.
And of course I’ll get to show off my award to my audience on social media 🙂


I’ve been using Divi the last two years and have since made all of my clients websites with it. Divi is my go to for any website, so it’d be pretty cool to have something to show for it!